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Category: Bimaadzwin

The GRFN Cannabis Law is a Scam!

The Ketegaunseebee Medzin Society calls upon its members and supporters to oppose the proposed Cannabis Control Law of Garden River First Nation. It was developed without the consent or input of our people, introduces taxation and Federal and Provincial cannabis laws to the territory, is plagiarized from the failed cannabis law at Six Nations, and violates our constitutionally protected Aboriginal and Treaty rights.

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Critical Concerns with Bimaadzwin Inc.’s proposal for Garden River FN Cannabis Exploration

We are writing to bring to your attention a critical analysis we have done of Bimaadzwin Inc.’s 144 page “Cannabis Exploration Phase One Report.” We have very serious concerns that they are guiding our community away from an approach based on “acknowledgement and adoption of our historical governance structure and policies of our ancestors” and towards giving away the sovereign rights of the people of Ketegaunseebee to Canada through adopting a “FN-Federal Framework” and “harmonization” of laws on the cannabis issue.

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